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The melodic death metal unit known as Bleeding Utopia came to be in late 2009 when guitarist Andreas “Fluff” Moren rallied up a talented crew of musicians to execute the infectious intensity of their extreme sound. Current vocalist, David Ahlén originally came on board as bassist but later swapped to front the band. Sometime in 2010, Bleeding Utopia conjured up their debut promo release and unleashed it to the public attaining the band quick recognition.


With the buzz from Bleeding Utopia’s debut release, the band received great reviews, label offers and opportunities to play with bands such as Scarpoint, Intrive, Condemnatory, Sonic Syndicate and Hatesphere very early on in their career. Having set the precedent for what fans should except from the group, they forged forward to exceed those expectations.


In late 2010 the unit got to work on a new album which would later be titled, “Demons to some… Gods to others” which demonstrated their extreme death metal prowess, killer old school thrash and catching melodies. Drums and Bass were completed at Studio Seventribe in Västerås, Sweden and Guitars and Vocals done at Bleeding Music Studios. The album was mixed and mastered by Jocke Skog at FAL Studio and released in 2012 through a worldwide deal with Worm Hole Death & Aural Music Group.


In September 2012, Bleeding Utopia hit the road with Inside I & Haterial on the “Scandinavian Aggression Tour” for their recent worldwide release. The tour achieved excellent responses for the band and the album release, priming them for the next steps in their journey.


Bleeding Utopia hit the studio in 2013 to write their most compelling album to date titled, “Darkest Potency”. The album featured Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Six Feet Under) on drums as the band was in a transition, but determined to maintain their momentum. Jocke Skog was brought on again for mixing and mastering duties and the final album was released in April of 2014.


The lineup was solidified after the completion of “Darkest Potency” with the addition of the highly talented Adam Björk on drums and Jan-Iiro “Ipe” Jarva on bass priming Bleeding Utopia for an over-the-top follow up to “Darkest Potency”.


Bleeding Utopia has been highly active writing and recording but also touring throughout Europe. Some of the bands prior tours include the “April Atrocity Tour” in 2015 supporting Broken Hope & Internal Bleeding, an April run in 2016 with Chronosphere & Battalion and the “Furiously Freezing February Tour” in 2017 with This Ending & Ablaze My Sorrow and  the "Belong To Nowhere Tour" in 2018 with Colombian band Eshtadur and  Bloodstorm from France.


The band caught the attention of New York based management company Extreme Management Group, Inc. in 2017 landing Bleeding Utopia a slot on the roster alongside bands such as Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Cryptopsy, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Rings of Saturn, Internal Bleeding and many more.



Bleeding Utopia is:

David Ahlén – Vocals

Andreas ‘Fluff’ Moren – Guitar

Chris Gustavsson - Guitar

YOU  – Bass

Adam Björk – Drums





Extreme Management Group, Inc.

Greg Shaw //





Label: Bleeding Music Records

Format: CD & 12" Vinyl

Release date: April 30 2014

Producer: Andreas  Morén

Mix & Master: Jocke Skog

Artwork: H.E.W Design

Drums by Kevin Talley


Label: Wormhole Death Rec.

Format: CD

Release date: October 1 2012

Producer: Andreas Morén

Mix & Master: Jocke Skog

Artwork: H.E.W Design

Song: Blackest Of Bloods

Album: Darkest Potency

Song: I Will Return

Album: Darkest Potency

Song: Until Death Collects Them All

Album: Darkest Potency


Compilation CD

Released December 2012

Song: Bind Turture Kill

Album:Demons to some...Gods to Others

Song: It All Ends Here

Album: Demons to some...Gods to Others

Song: Blistering Act Of Vengeance

Album: Demons to some…Gods to others

Compilations / Promo Cds


Compilation CD

Released May 2011


Compilation CD

Released October 2010

PROMO 2010

Promo CD

Released June 2010







"Darkest Potency is the band's second album and it's just to openly admit that they are one of Sweden's clearly the strongest names in the melodic death metal scene of the current situation. Or within all the metal scene maybe I should say"


"BLEEDING UTOPIA is no doubt a major Swedish hop on international death metal scene. Well worth checking out for anyone who wants their death metal tasty! "Darkest Potency" is gourmet in its finest form."



”Sweden's Bleeding Utopia brought with them some insanely magic stuff…Their dark and deadly delivery of gems like 'Into Pieces' and 'This Is Where We Die' really lit up the night in a most unexpected way for me and I walked away later thinking that they were, headliners aside, THE band of the night.”                      

Review from Plymoth UK on the Broken Hope tour.

9/10 , Pest Webzine 

 4/5 , The Metal Crypt

9/10 ,        

 8.5/10 ,



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